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The scent:

This scent is a sweet and indulgent scent that captures the rich and tangy essence of Italian limoncello liqueur made from lemon zest. It's strong citrus aroma will fill any room with fresh scent of lemon groves, transporting you to the sun drenched coast of southern Italy. It's perfect for uplifting and energising your home.

Lemon peel-Bergamot-Lilac-Sugar Cane-Ginger-Leafy Green.


About our soy candles:


Our candles are hand poured using soy wax and Australian made fragrance oils.

Our wicks we use in our candles are cotton which are non - toxic & eco friendly.


Our candles are available in 2 sizes

Medium e110g 20 hours burn time

Large e270g 50 hours burn time

The burn times are estimate of time based on correct use and care.


Candle safety and care:


* Trim the wick to 5mm each time before lighting

* Burn for no longer than 4 hours at a time

* Never burn while unattended

* Keep candle out of reach of children and pets

* Keep candles out of direct sunlight & away from heat source

* Never move a lit candle

* Place the candle on a stable, heat resistant surface

* Avoid exposure to drafts

* Keep wax pool free of debris

* Allow enough time for the wax to melt completely to the edges of the container to prevent "tunneling"

Sorrento Limoncello Soy Candle

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