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The Scent:



About this Shower Fizzer:

A little aromatherapy disc for the shower! Unwind after a stressful day with one of our scented discs. As the disc begins to fizz and melt away, steam from the water will waft the relaxing aroma around the shower, helping you to unwind. Do not use the relaxing shower Fizzer in the morning.

Relaxing Shower Fizzer

  • Place the disc in the base of the shower and as the water runs and touches it, it will start to fizz and melt away. As the warm air rises from your shower, it will bring up the aromas from the shower disc.

    If you place the block directly under the water, you will get one highly scented shower, but place it towards the back, you will get a pleasant aroma over at least 2 days.

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