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The Scent:

A tranquil and relaxing scent with top notes of coconut and sparkling ocean mist, middle notes of ylang ylang and cyclamen, infused into a calming base of sandalwood and rosewood.

Notes of:

Coconut, Ocean Mist, Agave Nectar, Ylang Ylang, Cyclamen, Rosewood, Sanalwood.


About our soaking salts:

Our blend of pink himalayan, epson and rock sea salts before adding a mix of botonicals and fragrance.

our soaking salts are perfect to use in both the bath ot foot spa. Each pouch comes with a muslin bag for those that do not like floating flowers in their water.


How to use:

Add 3 or more scoops of mix to the provided muslin bag & pull string closed. Add the bag to the bath tub whilst filling with warm water.

Mix can be added directly into the water if you wish. Once salts have dissolved, sit back & relax.


If you have a dryer, place the wet bag in with towels and the smell will transfer to towels keeping fresh & drying out the contents of the bag quicker.

Serene Soaking Salts

  • e250g

  • sea salt, epson salt, pink himalayan salt, natrasorb bath, fragrance, botonicals

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