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One of the classics in the oriental .

Fragance category with a masculine accord of bergamot & Neroli layered over tonka bean patchoulie sandalwood.

Bergamont, lemon, Neroli, heliotrape, patchouli, vanilla bean


About our body wash:

a little bit of our body wash will go a long way, made using gentle ingredients, it feels creamy & silky on your skin.


Used with a shower sponge, it buddles up to a thick lather that will leave your skin feeling refreshed & clean without the dry feel.

*Can be used with or without a sponge*


Joop Body Wash

  • Safe use

    Stop using this product immediately and seek medical advice if you have allergic reaction or irritation.

    Avoid contact with eye's, if contact is mde rinse your eye with cool water.

    *see terms & conditions for more information*

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