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The scent:

Purple - Moon Lake Musk

A deep yet balanced musk that is well suited for either masculine or feminine products Notes of fern and orris add to the musk flower and woody base notes of mandarin, grapefruit, orris, fern, musk, jasmine.

Pink - Fortune

A positive and otimistic 

A positive and optimistic scent that is both calming and soothing, It's strong without being overpowering, well blended and balanced with citrus and delicate flower notes of muguet and oriental lily Notes of clary sage, mandarin, muguet, oriental lily, white tes, amber, musk, petitgrain.

Yellow - Virtue

Crisp, fresh top notes of apple and lush green leaves are complemented by a floral middle of calming jasmine and lavender frounded by a base of woody notes and golden amber. Notes of Bergamot, apple, dewy green leaves, lavender, jasmine, lily of the valley, woody, cedar, amber, balsam.

Blue - Juvenate

A refreshing aquatic fragrance to re- energise and uplift the senses. A heavenly blend of fresh hydrangeas, lavender ocean mist and golden apples, underpinned by a woody musk base. Notes of lavender, ocean mist, apple, jasmine, hydrangeas, lily, amber, cedar, musk.

Greem - Balance

Thke a moment to breathe and centre yourself with a calming medley of bamboo foliage and green florals. A well balanced spa inspired fragrance with shimmering floral and citrus accords. Notes of Himalayan, bamboo, bergamot, lemon, jasmine, floral green, lavender, musk, wood.

Orange - Serene

A tranquil and relaxing fragrance with top notes of coconut and sparkling ocean mist, middle notes of ylang ylang and cyclamen, infused into a calming base of sandalwood and rosewood. Notes of Coconut, ocean mist, agave nectar, ylang ylang, cyclamen, rosewood, sandalwood. 


How to use:

Run the bath tub to how you like it... place the bath bomb/ donut in the water and watch while it releases it's beauty. Once finished hop in soak and relax..... enjoy.



Extra care is needed when exiting, as the bath tub may be slippery.


Holistic Mindful Bath Bombs

  • Please do not rub the bath bomb/ donut on your skin or crush it as it may stain your skin, if handled too aggressive.

    Extra care is needed when exiting, as the bath tub may be slippery.

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