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Get to know us

How We Started

MSP soaps is a small home owned business.

Here we use nothing but the finest ingredients known to us which results in healthier and fresher products.

In our current time most body product's are made within a factory, resulting in these factories using easy and cheap ingredients and chemicals, which can over time irritate your skin, cause break outs, or even damage due to allergic reaction. 

However here at MSP soaps we are delivering the same experience but on a greater healthier scale, by making our products using fresh ingredients such as coconut butter, goats milk, and palm oil just to list a few, but these are the base ingredients that allow us to not only make soaps that feel great, but enhance your skin by not adding unnecessary chemical's into your skin.

Our soaps start off with a colour theme, or even a scent from there its all measured mixed and set, then packaged and ready to be shipped to your door.

The human body, it can be very sensitive to certain chemicals and elements especially when it comes to using body products, but with our wide range of clean and healthier products we can help your skin feel and look great, from our goat shops to our bath bombs, these are made with nothing but the best ingredient's.

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